Dutch, Rotterdam based, artist Fenna van der Vliet (1982) began composing images in 2002 under the pseudonym F.E.N. (Forward Evolution Now)


Educated at the Artemis Styling Academy in Amsterdam, her conceptual thinking was formed to melting visual compositions from separate images, inspired by fashion, design, architecture, travelling, theatre, etc.


In her 2006 project F.E.N. created, with several techniques, a concept virtual reality gameworld consisting of different layers. A broad considered brand new approach to existing collages is born; New Media Art. Being a trained photographer from 2007 she works with only the best images in lighting that covers the subject that she's addressing in her story.






Unique facet of Fenna van der Vliet’s work from there is the attraction to a very wide target group. Men, women and even children from very different age and background are appealed to her compositions. They all think of it as; “an inspiring concept which they could look at forever”.


In her own words;

“In the concept of a composition I go by objects and atmospheres which inspire me and edit these the way I feel them. I compose the images to create a new presentation of my perception of a certain subject”.


The method of working she practises is very intensive and 70 up to 150 hours for a piece is no exception. Consisting of 100 to 250 different images, the works bring an intriguing and dynamic new environment. Often surrealistic, contemporary with bright colours and in large scale.


In her work Fenna uses a mixture of photography, painting techniques and digital image processing; Mixed Media Art. Surfaces, printing processes and finishes are piece guided choices.