Fenna van der Vliet is a Mixed Media artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Her main focus is to create art that is fun, but always has a subtle message in it.

It's important for her that the viewer can look at it for a long time and still discovers new elements.

She creates her artworks by making a connection between contrasting subjects and puts them in a new perspective so they blend and complement eachother. In that way she wants to draw the attention of the viewer to the good vibes of this world instead of the bad...


Fenna's most important points of departure in the serie "Urban Battle" are architecture and streetart, particularly the battle between upcoming prosperous urban capitalism and the struggling disadvantaged districts in the densely populated big cities of this world. With her new serie; "World Impact", she would like to bring up the dialogue about the urbanisation and the effect it has on our nature.


The beauty of the brightly coloured work can be described as provoking the viewers' senses to think about the inevitable, metropolitan amalgamation of different cultures and lifestyles.

Everywhere around you there's replenishment and complement. It's there, but very often mistaken for resistance and opposition


Fenna's message:

Open your eyes! See that living next to eachother shapes the actual community.


Fenna van der Vliet is known for her large-scale dynamic digital collages, built up through hundreds of layers of photography, enriched with acrylic paints on dibond surfaces and finishes as resin and glass.


Fenna van der Vliet is one of the earliest artists in Mixed Media Art movement and evolving every day, as environment around us does...






"An essential element of any art is risk. If you don't take a risk then how are you going to make something really beautiful, that hasn't been seen before?"

- Francis Ford Coppola